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Precautions on jewelry and their maintenance


Jewelry/other parts





* Parts could be damaged by pulling hard on them, applying excessive force to them, or a slight impact or contact.
Additionally, some parts of the luz is attached by adhesives.
Therefore, note that it may come off or become loose when exposed to water, pulled, or exposed to strong impact.

・Be careful not to drop it or bang it on hard surfaces.
・Be careful not to expose hands wearing the ring to strong impact.
・Do not wear when cooking, washing, bathing, sleeping, or when playing sports.

You can maintain an always sharp shine by caring regularly for the jewelry with a special cleaner that does not contain abrasives.
Exposure to sweat and water could lead to discoloration. Dry gently with a soft cloth in such situations.
Adequate storage of jewelry is also important.
Joia De Lequio hands all jewelry inside special cases and cloth pouches that prevent staining.
When jewelry is not in use, store it in the special case, cloth pouches, or boxes with cloth inner linings.