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*Luz is fragile to strong and repeated impact. Luz could get damaged when bumped against one another.
Please be careful so that it does not come into contact with other jewelry.
Some parts of the luz is attached by adhesives.
Please note that it may come off or become loose when exposed to water, pulled, or exposed to strong impact.

*Parts could be damaged by pulling hard on them, applying excessive force to them, or a slight impact or contact.

Be careful not to drop it or bang it on hard surfaces.
Be careful not to expose hands wearing the ring to strong impact.
Do not wear when cooking, washing, bathing, sleeping, or when playing sports.

*Avoid contact with substances including perfumes, hair sprays, and detergents which could inhibit or have negative impact on the shine of luz and other parts.

*Care for jewelry periodically by polishing it with a soft cloth to maintain its shine.

*Broken luz parts could cause injury in case of damage. Be careful when removing broken jewelry.
Do not wear damaged jewelry since this is dangerous.